Live Your Best Life Over 40

Stop the Struggle in Your Body. Lose Weight, Regain Your Energy and Feel the Best in Your Body All without Dieting.

You Can Get to Your Ideal Bodyweight, Feel More Energetic, Youthful and Vibrant Over 40!

It's Time for a Real Permanent Solution to Your Struggles with Your Body

Imagine what it would be like if you woke up every day feeling refreshed and energized.

As you go about your day you eat the foods you want, have a workout that makes you feel powerful and energized, you crush it at work, have time for your loved ones and end the day with a beautiful meal that makes you feel grateful for your life.

Not once did you worry about what you were eating, felt bad about your body or lacked the energy you need to make it through the day.

Can you remember the last time you had a day like this?

If that day is a far distant memory or perhaps you never really have experienced it before, then it’s time for change.

Because of diet culture instead of women embracing their bodies, fuelling them for energy and generally loving themselves, most women hate their bodies, eat emotionally and are constantly on the teeter totter of guilt and shame or deprivation.

Did you know that the average woman spends 17 years of her life on a diet?

17 years.

If that is you, that’s…

6,205 days of worrying about how you look.
148,920 hours of time wasted and energy drained.
8,935,200 minutes of your precious life spent on hating yourself and your body.

Think about what this does to your body, your mental health and your quality of life.

No wonder you’re exhausted.

It’s exhausting and disheartening just thinking about it, let alone living it.

Millions of women just like you are in the same boat.

Worrying about…

– what they look like,
– whether they are good enough with an extra 10 lbs on for their dream partner,
– hoping life will get better when they lose “X” lbs,
– starving themselves with cleanses, detoxes and the next fad diet in hopes of permanent change and
– missing out on their favourite foods and life experiences because they are ashamed of themselves and their bodies.

If you’ve been living your life this way for too long and you’ve tried everything, I want you to know there’s one thing you haven’t tried.

Most women are struggling with their bodies because they are trying to fix the wrong problem.

That’s right. If you’re still struggling with your body, weight and body image, it’s because you’ve been trying to fix the wrong problem.

Diet culture has taught you that they know better than you about what’s best for your body.

It’s taught you to hate your body if it isn’t a size 2 or if you don’t look like you’ve just come out of a magazine cover.

What’s even more troubling is that the diet culture snuck into our food system, feeding us lies about not eating fat and carbs (you need both of these for basic body functions), told us we’re not doing it right unless we’re counting calories and ultimately makes you feel like there’s something wrong with you if you can’t follow our strict rules to keep you starving.
This is all lies.

Nobody Knows What's Better for Your Body Than You

You may have lost touch with your body, but you can get it back. In fact, it’s whispering to you every single day.

You think the problem is your weight and exercise, and diet is the answer.

However the real problem is what you think and feel about yourself.

In 25 years of working with women, I can tell you this for sure:

I’ve never met a woman who truly loves herself, feels worthy of having a magnificent life and struggles with her weight.

When you realize that you are worthy just as you are and you deeply love yourself, caring for your body comes naturally. You did that as a young child until you were taught to be ashamed of your body for whatever reason.

Our culture demands unattainable perfection that keeps millions of women up at night worrying if they’ll ever be good enough.

If you’re tired of wanting to feel good enough and you’re ready to be good enough now, then the Infinity Coaching Program is for you.

Introducing the Infinity Coaching Program

The Infinity Coaching Program was built for you, the woman who is ready to take back her power, say no to the diet industry and love herself into the fit and fierce woman she really is!

In 6 months we work together in four stages to help you get to your ideal body weight, have more energy than ever before and love yourself so fiercely that you transform into the woman you really are and were meant to be.

Phase 1 – Awareness

In this first stage we look at the story you’ve been telling yourself that has been keeping you stuck on the diet treadmill for years.

Whether you’ve…

– felt not good enough to deserve the person, job or life of your dreams;
– always worried about what others think of you;
– been a people pleaser for most of your life;
– felt like you need to put others needs ahead of your own; or
– missed out on a lot of opportunities due to your own self judgement and lack of confidence…

we’re going to uncover what’s been keeping you stuck.

When we uncover the truth about what’s been keeping you stuck, we can move on to Phase 2 – Dismantling Limiting Beliefs

Phase 2 – Dismantle Limiting Beliefs

Here we dig deep into sorting out your truth. You see those stories that you’ve told yourself about not being good enough or needing to diet are just that, stories.

When we tell ourselves anything long enough we begin to believe them and manifest them into our reality.

If you can believe negative things about you, then you can also believe positive things.

And what you’re going to find during this phase are that the beliefs you hold about yourself are not even your own.

They are beliefs that you adopted due to things like diet culture, what a bully said to you when you were 10 or even something from a past relationship gone awry.

No matter where these came from, we’re going to help you uncover them so that you can begin to let them go and get yourself into phase 3 – rebuilding beliefs that support you to create the life you really want.

Phase 3 –  Rebuild The Right Beliefs & Behaviours

In this phase we look at what beliefs and behaviours will support you to get you where you want to go in a way that feels good to you.

Now – this is important so please read this next line carefully.

We don’t work on changing behaviours until we’ve changed the beliefs.

This is critical to your long lasting results.


Because if you try to change a behaviour without changing the motivation behind the behaviour, you’ll keep getting the same result. This is exactly why diets don’t work. Because they are addressing the behaviour and not the root cause of the behaviour.

When you address the root cause first, shift the intention behind it (which happens when you heal your story), the behaviour naturally changes into one that supports you.

This is how people can lose weight, ‘without trying’. Because making good choices and being more mindful and loving to yourself comes natural when you let go of the beliefs that you aren’t good enough or worthy enough.

Once we start rebuilding your beliefs then we go into Phase 4, creating your new normal.

Phase 4 –  Create Your New Normal

This is the fun phase where a lot of the hard work is behind you and you can now start integrating things into your life to become your new normal.

Now, there will still be times where you may slip into old patterns but you’ll have the tools and knowledge to be able to catch yourself and move on without feeling guilty or shameful (yes, this is truly possible).

Loving yourself and your body will become natural to you. Feeling good will become your new norm. Eating joyously will become a daily experience and you’ll no longer be chained to the shackles of diet culture.

This may feel like a dream, but it’s not.

It can be done when you tackle the right problem with the right tools.

This is what has been missing from your life and if you’re finally ready to let go of dieting, weight and self hatred once and for all, it will be my honour to guide you through this proven process so that you can feel the freedom of loving yourself fully, having a body that feels amazing to you and energy to live your days with passion!

Imagine the Possibilities!

Appreciating your body

You are connected to your body and know what it needs and wants.  You love and care for your body with pleasure.

Happy in your body

You feel happy in your body (for real) – it’s like a dream come true!  You don’t obsess or think about food!  You feel good in all your clothes.

Eat all your favourite foods

You eat all your favourite foods without guilt, shame or weight-gain and you maintain your ideal bodyweight, all without trying. (or thinking about it too much). 

You have high energy

When you love your body you make better choices that make you feel good and you sleep well.  You do things that nourish your body so you have high energy and vitality.

You take more chances

You stop hiding from your life and you start living it and you take more chances.  You do things that have been on your wish list.  You are more playful in your life, having more fun.  You can keep up with the 20 year olds!

Your love life is on fire!

Sparks are flying again in the bedroom and you have the lights on!  Singles, you are putting yourself out there!!!

Lose Weight

No more guilt, shame and feeling deprived when it comes to food. Discover how to tap into your super-powers to harness a natural and sustainable way to weight-loss that is permanent.

Regain Energy

Your body is meant to thrive and feel alive. It feels good to feel good and you will only want more of it. Reconnecting with your body is fundamental to living the life of your dreams.

Love Your Body

Understanding the root cause of your struggles is key to loving your body forever. Addressing your life in a way that you’ve never done before will result in a healthy relationship with your body.

Apply Now to the Infinity Coaching Program

Imagine what it will be like in 6 months from now when you have finally released yourself from the shackles of the diet treadmill. You deserve to feel amazing about your body and yourself.

Don’t let another day go by where you waste your one and precious life worrying about your weight or food. You deserve better.

Together, we’re going to get you there. I can’t wait to meet you.


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