Free monthly group coaching to love your body over 40

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Amy Tsai in exercise clothing leaning against a white brick wall with a caption reading Love Your Body Rendezvous

Let’s make a pact, the year 2021 you stop struggling with your weight, you embrace and love your body and achieve your health & fitness goals all without dieting.

Are you ready to ensure 2021 isn’t just another year of trying but is THE YEAR you breakthrough in your weight-loss, energy and feel good in your body goals? If so it’s time for a Rendezvous, so bring your tea, coffee or your favourite drink and join us!

We are going to have a Love Your Body Rendezvous. It’s a free monthly group coaching call to get your questions answered regardless where you are in your health & fitness journey where incredible women just like you come together to get real help and support from an experienced coach.

Whether you need help:

  • with nutrition,
  • with exercise,
  • with getting more or better sleep,
  • feeling more confident in your body,
  • how to lose the weight for good,
  • how to regain your energy and vitality,

…or anything else, join me to have all your questions answered!

The FREE coaching will be monthly, every third Wednesday of the month.

Register for the free monthly group coaching:

Hope to see you there! xoxo. Amy

Free Discovery Call: Love Your Body

Imagine how much time you’d get back if you stopped thinking or worrying about food, your body or how you feel…

Here’s how…

Get To The Root Cause
You will discover what is holding you back from reaching all your health & fitness goals and how to overcome them. This is not another diet plan or workout plan. This is going to transform your life by getting to the root cause of why you’ve been struggling.

Get Clarity
You will find clarity in your health & fitness so you can get to your goal faster, easier and more enjoyable. Clarity gives you a distinctive road map to find peace with your body.

Prioritize Without Guilt
You will learn how to prioritize your health & fitness needs without any guilt. Prioritizing ensures all your physical needs are met without any guilt. Prioritizing ensures all your physical and emotional needs are being met. Yes, your needs are important, too!

Tap Into Your Superpowers
You will rediscover your inner guide and master your intuitive ability to make the best decisions for yourself without any doubt. Tapping into your intuitiveness gives you power and determination to achieve anything. Yeah baby!

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