Fit & Fierce Over 40

A Community to Help You Love Your Body and Your Life!

What is Fit & Fierce Over 40?

Fit & Fierce is built specifically for women over 40 to help them get off the diet treadmill once and for all, to lose the weight and love their bodies for good.

Are you unhappy with your weight and body image?

Do you struggle with your energy?

It’s time to stop the suffering!

Don’t believe the hype about aging. You can feel more energetic, youthful and vibrant over 40.

Let me show you how.

Imagine what it feels like to…

Never have to feel shame or guilt when it comes to eating the foods you want and enjoy.

Never have to diet ever again.

Eat what you want and never gain weight.

Have energy, clarity and focus so you can be a high performer at work.

Have the confidence to explore, play and have more fun in the bedroom!

Be able to go through your day and have energy for everything. No more 3 o’clock slumps.

Have a newly inspired zest for life where everyday is your best day!

This is all possible.

Amy posing in front of a gray wall in a gray exercise top

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